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Education (K-12)

Education (K-12)

This is the largest market served by APCO. We bring many years of experience and expertise in assisting design professionals and school districts in all of their exterior fenestration needs for both new construction and retrofit undertakings.

Utilizing EFCO's full product line enables APCO to accommodate virtually any aesthetic, structural, or energy design need.

APCO features and highly recommends EFCO's Series 510 / 510-I family of products which offer versatility (project in or out, casement in or out, fixed or combination of operable and fixed units in a common frame). We have found through the years that projected and casement windows offer the best function for schools with very little in the way of safety / maintenance problems which other styles of windows can experience. The 510 / 510-I Series has been the choice of architects and schools offering a 2-7/16" deep frame with .125" wall thickness and sash equipped with heavy duty hardware that virtually eliminated maintenance concerns.

Other features include:
Dual Color (Interior / Exterior can be different colors and different finishes - Kynar, anodized, Ultradize)
Dual Glazing Available with options for integral blinds or Lexan glazing.
Full Line of Accessories - Panning, Trim, Subframe, Muntins (true, applied exterior or interior, or between the glass)

This window series in conjunction with EFCO's heavy duty curtain wall, storefront, stile and rail entrances, and FRP doors have been the choice of architects and school districts in meeting aesthetic, performance and maintenance concerns.

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